Give Me Your Garbage

All of us want to find a purpose in life. Who knew mine would be collecting garbage? I have my own little compost center running in the back yard. My husband and I have composted since 1983 but in the last ten years I've expanded just a bit. We used to have two compost bins but now we have ten. I live in the country so a trip to town is a big deal. Trips to the library, lunch with friends, doctor's appointments, buying birthday presents and . . . .


You can compost anything except meat and dairy. Some possible additions are egg shells, coffee grounds, tea leaves, fruit and vegetable left-overs, shredded paper, etc. If you have a source of manure (cow, horse, chicken, or rabbits) that's a good addition but . . . No cat litter! Sad but true. 

Starbucks will give you garbage for free. All their coffee grounds are available to use as mulch, as a soil additive or an ingredient in your compost. I usually hit at least two Starbucks on every trip. Sometimes I get lucky and hit four! I've come home with at least one hundred pounds of coffee grounds.

Waste that doesn't go to waste is not wasted.

I also go to my friend's house and she saves compostable materials for me. Heck, her neighbors now save compostable materials for me. I leave her house with at least one five gallon bucket of compost every week. During the peak season it's two buckets. My native American name is "Sara Two-Buckets". I always have the bucket in my car and I'm ready for all possibilities.

 Working the compost starts immediately upon arrival to my home. I'm a procrastinator par excellence but I always jump right into the garbage.

Never put off compost.

Bad idea.

If you have a yard or garden you too can have a compost pile. Heck, I've seen videos that show you how to compost in an apartment. Challenging but doable. Look on YouTube. You can find anything on YouTube. Once you start your inside garbage can never stinks. The trash you send to the landfill weighs a lot less. Organic waste is heavy and, after a few days, smells really bad. Put a compost bucket (with a tight-fitting lid) by your sink and let your adventure begin.

God Is Green!!!

Sara Nussel