Say Good-Bye to Styrofoam

EcoGal says


to restaurants, churches, and any place that deals with “take out” food that: Syrofoam “take out” boxes are hard to recycle and burning them produces unhealthy fumes and atmospheric pollution.

 If you want to learn more about the unhealthy effects of styrofoam, click here.

Why not help the economy and your health and the earth’s health? Use a BETTER product. An example is three part “take out” containers made from sugar cane fiber. This is economically sound and just look at an improvement that comes with their use. They are compostable and MICROWAVE safe. There is no more melting petroleum-based product polluting your food.

Take Out Box.jpg


You do know that from time to time, more often than you think, people do try through ignorance or laziness, to microwave their “take home” food while still in the Styrofoam container. Bad idea. Switch to a more biodegradable substitute.

Thanks to all who have considered this problem and are doing something about it.

God is Green!

Sara Nussel