See a Million of 'Em

I gave away GMO-Free, Organic candy for Halloween. How virtuous I felt! It’s good to be on the side of “Wholesomeness” but after the glow wore off I looked at the reality of it. No matter my intentions, I created a lot of waste.

These bags represent single use plastic plus every candy pack was wrapped in single use plastic. What a mess we make even when we try to do good.

IMG_0002 2.jpg

Whenever I use an article made of single use plastic I visual a million of them. See a million Starbucks lids or a million empty plastic water bottles. You get the idea.

These candy wrappers contain goodness but it’s not guilt-free. Convenience always supercedes good environmental practices. If I had prepared 200 paper bags of trail mix most parents probably would not let their children take one. The Halloween mantra for children is only take foods that are pre-wrapped. We worship the God of Expediency and not the God of the Universe.

I have no good answers to this problem.

It makes me sad to say this but we’ve got a long way to go.

God is Green!

Sara Nussel