Sara Three-Buckets Rides Again!

Three Buckets.jpg

Am heading to Gainesville for the garbage. I’ve said this before but it’s worth repeating: I don’t just go for garbage collection. I schedule appointments and lunch dates on Friday. I shop for groceries (stuff I can’t buy in Williston), I go to the library, to the gym, and . . . I pick up garbage.

My first stop is the Starbucks on Archer Road. One bucket goes there. Most Starbucks save the coffee grounds in a bin inside the store for their customers who garden but this Starbucks insists I give them a bucket with a lid. Anything to please.

After an appointment I’ll go to my friend’s condominium complex. The snow birds have returned! so now, instead of one compost bucket, they now produce enough garbage to fill up two buckets. Hence my new native American moniker:

Sara Three-Buckets.

I look at it this way. That’s less garbage in the landfill.

Waste that doesn’t go to waste is not wasted.

Oh, and . . .

God is Green!

Sara Nussel