Reject Styrofoam

Let’s help our favorite retailers kick the styrofoam habit. Educate yourself about the harm styrofoam causes the planet. It’s bad stuff click here if you need to know more.

Wards Supermarket is one of my favorite places to grocery shop in Gainesville. They have local and organic options. I’m there three or four times a month. I must really want to be there because it’s a long way from my house. Wards is a neat combination of old, country store and hip, environmentally sensitive establishment. It’s like Whole Foods but much cheaper.

Click here to visit their website. They have some neat blog posts.

Be Green.jpg

The above container held two organic peppers. I love these cardboard dishes because I can recycle them. It even says, “Be Green.” My kinda motto. It’s rotting in my compost bin even as I type.

I’ve asked Wards to please replace styrofoam dishes with these but they continue only to use the Be Green dishes for organic produce. Perhaps some other shoppers feel the same as I. You can throw this into the trash bin with a clear conscience. It benefits the planet even if you don’t compost it.

So, this is a plea to all Wards shoppers to request the store makes this change. Seems like a small deed but lots of small deeds will change the world.

God is Green!

Sara Nussel