Wonder Worm Woman

I had the pleasure of meeting Laura Gritman last week. She proudly wears the moniker “Wonder Worm Woman” and sells mealworms to folks who use them for animal food (chickens, birds, lizards, etc.).

She was researching ways to provide protein to her chickens, avoid commercial organic soy-based feed and to be more self-sufficient. That’s when she discovered mealworms. She researched for nearly six months before buying her first 2,000 worms via Amazon. And the rest is history.

She wants to introduce mealworms to local tables and teach others how to farm them for the long-reaching goal of self-sufficiency and food security.

Click here to check out her Facebook page. Click here to visit her distribution Facebook page.

She also encourages humans to eat mealworms.


Well . . . they’re not so yucky. When she roasts them she says her house smells like baking bread.

I had a few roasted mealworms and they weren’t bad. I’m now in line to buy a pound of meal worms to use for my own consumption. I plan to roast them, grind them and use as a filler in certain dishes. Be careful eating at my house because I’m not telling you which ones.

Mealworm balls.

Mealworm balls.

Meal worms are a great source of protein and they take up zero arable land. If you want to know more, click here.

Laura insists on being honest with people before they consume the meal worms. I’m kind of sneaky that way. We’ll see how the family reacts when I let them know what I’ve been up to.

Crunchy French toast

Crunchy French toast

Eating insects and worms is another part of sustainable living. Check it out.

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