Plarn Solves a Lot of Problems

I have started making plarn. That’s plastic yarn for you uninitiated folks. The two balls below started out as plastic bags from Winn Dixie. I’m going to crochet them into a tote bag that can be used again and again. Several items that I bought as Christmas gifts were made of plarn. Now, me, I’m just going to crochet and whatever pattern comes out, well, that’s it. Some folks are real artists. I have one bag with a beautiful pattern. The crafter spent a lot of time looking for plastic that was the right color.


We have a Prayer Shawl Ministry at my church. A group of women get together every Thursday morning and work on their projects: crochet, knitting, quilting, etc. Am hoping to talk them into adopting plarn as their next project. Lord knows we can get enough plastic bags. A family member, and ardent recycler, was just complaining to me that the re-cycling crew will no longer take plastic bags and that’s because there’s no market for them.


It’s up to us to come up with uses for this material. God knows the price is right.

If you want to work with plarn, go on line and find a tutorial. I’ve supplied a link. Click here to learn more about plarn. There’s lots of folks showing you how to make it (not rocket science) and how to use it to fashion, tote bags, rugs, shoes, place mats and sleeping mats. Some church groups crochet mats with plarn and give them to the local homeless shelter.

The beginnings of my first tote bag made of plarn.

The beginnings of my first tote bag made of plarn.

God is Green!

Sara Nussel