Always Looking for Garbage

Friday I was disappointed at the Starbucks on Archer Road. They forgot to fill my bucket with coffee grounds even though it had been there for a week. At least the bucket wasn’t heavy when I lugged it across the parking lot to Whole Foods where my car was plugged in.

Then I had a bright idea.

You can buy a cup of coffee in Whole Foods so that means they must have coffee grounds. Eureka!!

After talking to a few folks at the Deli in Whole Foods, I was finally introduced to Roxanne and she said I could take all the coffee grounds I wanted. Well, it turned out they had a lot of them.

Roxanne and the Evidence

Roxanne and the Evidence

After I picked up the two buckets of compost from Cheryl’s condominium, I hit another Starbucks which had quite a lot of coffee grounds. I felt like I had struck it rich!!

Coffee Grounds.jpg

How’s this for a job well done. I used to be Sara Two-Buckets but am now Sara Three-Buckets. Looks like in the future I may become Sara Four-Buckets.

God is Green!

Sara Nussel