Two Volts Together

Friday I walked out of Bageland and look what I saw. My Chevy Volt had found a friend. Really more like a relative.

Volt Back End.jpg

This is a rare occurrence, trust me. You don’t see many Volts around even in Gainesville. As I was taking my pictures the owner and her daughter walked up. Her name is Linda. We had a nice visit. Her Volt is a 2013 which she bought used. She’s owned it for two years and has put gas in it twice. Well, I’ve not put any gas in my car since January 2. Looks like I’m going to have to fill up next weekend because we are going to Jacksonville to hear my sister and her family sing. Trinity River Band is their name and they are a blue grass band. Look them up. They’re really good. I’m getting off task here.

Volt Front End.jpg

Below are some stats about my own Chevy Volt. These were for the month of January. I get excited when I read how much carbon I’m keeping out of the atmosphere.

Chevy Volt.png

God is Green!

Sara Nussel