Tesla Comes to Town

I am not a Tesla owner and will probably never be. The cost is very prohibitive and there’s a few factors that steer me away from the world’s most well-known electric car. My next car will probably be a Chevy Bolt, which is a totally electric car but with a much smaller price tag than the Tesla.

But . . .

Tesla has come to Gainesville and I’m glad.


This little array recently made its appearance in a parking lot just off Archer Road. It’s not far from the charging station I frequent at Whole Foods; however, this is a Tesla Supercharging station.

Most charging stations are put in by municipalities or local merchants but Tesla has them all beat. They have thousands of these all over the country. Most are right off Interstate highways and easily accessible. Tesla owners can fully charge their cars here in just 30 minutes. That’s 300 miles of charge in 30 minutes. It takes me four hours to fully charge my car and I only get 60 miles on the charge. Bummer!

The first time a saw the red and white Tesla chargers, I got all excited and tried to plug in. Alas, I don’t fit. My connection is perfectly round while Teslas have an oval connection. I called around to see if I could buy an adapter and finally talked to an expert at Tesla. He said my idea was not a good one. If I plugged my car into their charging station it would blow up my battery. That kind of takes all the fun out of charging.

Electric cars are the future. Embrace them. You can have four electric cars on the road for every car burning gasoline. That’s how efficient an electric motor is. One day we’ll have solar powered electric cars that soak up the sun’s rays as they travel down the road. Another possible innovation will be the electric car that can collect energy from solar panels embedded into the roadway it travels along.

Gas is dead.

God is Green!

Sara Nussel