Reaching New Heights

Hello Gentle Reader,

I must apologize for my long absence but lately I haven’t felt much like blogging. Sometimes it’s hard to maintain a positive outlook when environmental news is so grim.

Then I remember that I worship a real up-beat kind of guy (or gal). God doesn’t have gender issues.

The Deity and I talked. My instructions are to get back on the horse and ride!! Here goes.

Recently I started getting 221.4 mpg. with my Chevy Volt. The last time I bought gas was February 24th. I was hoping to hold off until June but it looks like I’ll have to buy gas tomorrow. This weekend is Mother’s Day and I must go visit my 87 year old mother. Not many people my age still have a mother to celebrate with. I figure she’s worth the gas.


Also, today at Whole Foods we had four electric cars charging at once. There were two Nissan Leafs, a Chrysler Pacifica (you can just barely see it on the left) and one Volt. I’ve only seen that phenomenon one other time in my charging history. Pretty cool, huh?


I challenge you to figure out ways to “green up” your life. Be on the correct side of history. Don’t forget . . .

God is Green!

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Sara Nussel